Digital Construction Management

Digital Construction Management improves solar asset quality during construction, powered by different data types, both cloud-based and mobile.

While drone-based construction monitoring provides your team with bird’s eye insights, your team enriches, tracks, and controls the quality of construction from the ground using Above’s SolarGain mobile app. Our technology makes your team more productive and ensures a higher quality of solar assets.

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Advantages of Digital Construction Management

Manage onsite construction tasks more efficiently
Raise, track, and resolve onsite tasks using aerial intelligence alongside our mobile app while being in the office.
Improve transparency and ease of reporting
Track your project progress, record any deviations and report with ease.
Spot any deviations from pre-build plant designs
Ensure construction work follows pre-build CAD designs. Track and manage design change orders that arise during construction.
Reduce the need for site visits
Relying on Above’s forensic data collection approach allows you to manage construction more efficiently.
Seamlessly transition into operational life
Creating a digital plant record simplifies construction management and the transition to digital condition management.
Benefit from digital plant records
Increase plant value through building a digital plant record from construction to commissioning and benefit during asset management, technical due diligence, or asset transfer.

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Mobile Tools For Digital Construction Management

SolarGain Mobile App

Track and control the quality of construction from the ground using the SolarGain Mobile application. Efficiently connect fieldwork and office-based construction supervision, also when working with third parties.

All Construction Management Data In One Place

  • Regular drone-based construction monitoring provides precise high-level insights into the quantitative progress of construction and deviations from the construction design.
  • SolarGain Mobile allows your teams to track and control the quality of construction from the ground. Efficiently connect site and office-based workflows even when working with third parties.
  • With commissioning inspection tests and serial numbers precisely matched to physical components, this rich solar plant data record prepares your asset for a seamless transition into operational life.

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