Aerial Topographic Mapping

Topographic mapping is a routine task for solar plant design and construction projects. Visualise your solar plant project using high-resolution aerial data at the fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Using a combination of both aerial and ground-based methods, Above delivers a high-resolution map of the site including accurate elevation data.


Advantages of Above’s solution

Industry leading quality
Our services are designed specifically for your project’s needs.
Real-world accuracy
Aerial flight routes are planned by our experienced team, ensuring sufficient row/column overlap. Using GPS-RTK to take ‘ground control’ points across the site to ensure real-world accuracy.
Make informed decisions
Design your solar plant with confidence using aerial topographic data to inform your design decisions
Time and cost effective
Aerial topographic mapping saves you time compared to traditional surveys and at a fraction of the cost
Plan for the future
Store a visual and spatial record of the land state before plant construction



A highly accurate and detailed top-down 2D orthometric image of your entire site. Provided in
a geoTIFF format.

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

A full digital elevation model of your site showing the elevation of every pixel. A useful tool for
confirming terrain profiles.

Above Linework

Above provides linework of your site, including contours and labelled layers of important features. We can also perform ground-based surveying of specific features if required.

Examples of important features:
•Water (lakes, rivers and ponds)
•Roads and tracks
•Power lines
•Buildings and structures
•Other obstacles that may be a potential source of shading or obstruction

Above Linework and orthomosaic details site features such as powerlines, vegetation and other potential obstructions. This example illustrates a combination of drone data and ground-based data.

Optional Deliverables

Panoramic imagery
Interactive panoramic images are a great tool to understand the context of your site and sources of potential far shading (e.g. mountains).

Summary report
Providing observations on-site regarding access, soil-type, potential hazards or obstructions.

Raw imagery and 3D project files
The raw imagery from the service and 3D projects files are available as an additional deliverable.

Explore our Aerial 3D modelling services in this video

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